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What is an event website?

An Quadrant2Design Event Website is a virtual version of your exhibition stand and an incredible tool for marketing your event.

Created by our in-house web developer, your event website increases your exposure from 2-3 days to up to 10 weeks! It will go live 5 weeks before your event and remains live for up to 5 weeks after the event is over, maximising your exposure and supercharging your lead conversion opportunities.

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How it can help

Benefits of an event website

Your event website will provide a vast variety of benefits to your exhibition campaign before, during and after your event.

What makes up an event website?

What's included?

Your event website is made up of several “modules”.

All Event Websites include the Standard Modules but for those looking for a real WOW factor, we also offer a range of premium modules!

Check out the full list below.

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Standard Modules

(Included in all event websites)

  1. Introduction/

    Introduce your company and the event you are attending, while also showing off high-quality 3D renders of your stand.

  2. What's happening on
    our stand?

    Let visitors know exactly what to expect when visiting your stand – why are you attending, what will you be doing, what are you offering and why should visitors come to see you?

  3. Our team at
    the event

    Introduce the team manning your stand, let visitors put a face to a name and know who they’ll be meeting, including pictures, names and job titles.

  4. Visiting
    the show

    Tell visitors how to get to the show venue and how to find you once they’re there! This includes venue info, floorplans and travel links by car, bus, train and even plane!

  5. Book a meeting or
    get in touch

    Give visitors a chance to get in touch with a digital contact form for collecting contact details and enquiries, pre-booking meetings and warming up your leads before the event even begins!

Premium Modules

(Mix and match additional modules to enhance your site)

  1. Explore our

    A high-quality 3D version of your stand that lets visitors explore your display before, during and after the event.

  2. Our

    Can’t fit your whole product or service offering on your stand? This module lets you display your full range of products and services in a handy scroll bar, with images and descriptions.

  3. Show

    Offer more reasons to visit your stand with discounts, deals or offers exclusive to show visitors. Promote particular products or services and provide an instant conversation starter for your team.

  4. Downloadable

    Provide visitors with digital documents including brochures, floor plans, fact sheets, leaflets etc. Downloads can also be compatible with a QR code included somewhere on your stand.

Additional information

Frequently asked questions

Your event website is a dedicated website unique to your brand and created for the promotion of your event, and as a supporting digital tool to create a full hybrid marketing exhibit.

Hybrid marketing is an amalgamation of both live and digital marketing tools, combined to reach as many of your target audience as possible wherever they may be. The live marketing element refers to exhibiting at a trade show, while the digital element refers to your dedicated Event Website.

Your Event Website is used to promote your attendance at an event before it begins, provide a supporting digital tool for your physical stand during the event, and then follow up with your leads and keep your brand front-of-mind after the event is over.

The event website includes lots of modules, both standard and premium. Standard modules include 1. Introduction, 2. 'What’s happening on our stand?', 3. 'Our team at the event', 4. 'Visiting the show' & 5. 'Book a meeting or get in touch' contact form.

Optional premium modules can include 6. 'Explore Our Stand' 3D digital tour, 7. 'Our Products', 8. 'Show Offers' and 9. 'Downloads'.

There are lots of ways to use the Event Website before, during and after your exhibition!

> Before your event the site can be used to introduce your team, show off your stand visuals, provide event and venue details, promote offers, deals and discounts and book meetings.
> During your event you will be able to offer discounts, show off your products, show off your stand to non-visitors and provide literature downloads.
> After your event you can use the site to follow up with leads, maintain branded contact, extend your exposure, improve familiarity and offer any additional information.

There are so many benefits to a Quadrant2Design Event Website that it's difficult to list them all. Here are just a few of these benefits
> Attract more visitors to your event & stand
> Convert more leads into customers
> Increase ‘incidental sales’
> Increase visitors’ recall of your brand, team and stand
> Cut through the exhibition noise
> Reach people not physically present at the event
> Increase your promotional window from 2-3 days to 10 weeks!

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